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VOLUME XI (1983)
Proceedings of the "International Symposium on Jaina Canonical and Narrative Literature" (Strasbourg, 16th - 19th June 1981)


Author Title
K. BRUHN Repetition in Jaina narrative literature
DALSUKH D. MALVANIA On Bhadresvara's Kahavali
JEAN FILLIOZAT The Jaina narrative literature in South-India and its counterparts
B. BHATT Stratification in Satakas 1-20 of the Viyahapannatti
CHANDRABHAL TRIPATHI Narratives in the Pancakalpabhasya and cognate texts
ADELHEID METTE The tales belonging to the namaskara-vyakhya of the Avasyaka-Curni. A survey
NALINI BALBIR The micro-genre of dana-stories in Jaina literature: problems of interrelation and diffusion
C.M. MAYRHOFER Tradition and innovation in Jain narratives. A study of two Apabhramsa versions of the Story of Carudatta
B.K. JAIN Ethics and narrative literature in the daily life of a traditional Jaina family of Agra during the nineteen thirties. A study based on my personal childhood reminiscences
K.R. NORMAN The nine treasures of a cakravartin
KYOSHU TSUCHIHASHI On the literal meaning of lesya
UMAKANT P. SHAH Jaina narrative literature and art
G. ROTH Legendes of craftsmen in Jaina literature. Including notes on the bell-friese and Mount Mandara in the Jaina Canon and in ancient Indian art
K. FISCHER Rsyasrnga in the narrative art of Jaina stupas at Kankali-Tila. Kama and tapas in Jaina sculpture: Patrons, Artist, Worshippers
C. CAILLAT The Strasbourg manuscript no. 4385 of the Uttarajjhaya-sutta: illustrations with a narrative subject and illustrations with edifying connotation
E. BENDER Illustrations in Jaina manuscripts
H. BECHERT A remark on the problem of the date of Mahavira
JAINA VISHVA BHARATI 1. Message from His Holiness Acarya Sri TULASI Maharaj.
2. YUVACARYA MAHAPRAJNA, The principles of dharmastikaya and adharmastikaya in the Viyahapannatti.
3. NATHMAL TATIA, Parallel developments in the meaning of parijna (Prakrit parinna, Pali parinna) in the Canonical literature of     the Jainas and the Buddhists.
HAJIME NAKAMURA Common elements in early Jain and Buddhist literature (Index Locorum compiled by ISABELLE SZELAGOWSKI)
MARIE-CLAUDE PORCHER Remarks on some new approaches to Sanskrit literature
C.M. MAYRHOFER Proposal for an Apabramsa dictionary
Obituaries John Brough, by OSCAR BOTTO
Giuseppe Tucci, by OSCAR BOTTO
V. AGOSTINI Volumes I-X General Index

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